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ERIK an 8-year-old boy, who has nothing, and has been placed in an orphanage on Christmas. His nickname is 'Beanie', because he never takes his beanie hat off. He draws the winning ticket of a special lottery taking place in the orphanage and gets to spend the holiday with a well-off family and their 6-year-old daughter MINA. In the middle of the night Erik and Mina, think they've encountered SANTA in the family's living room, but in fact he is just a thief in disguise.

The kids embark on an adventure following a fake Santa in the middle of the night. That night all of their Christmas wishes come true, but not quite the way they expect.

Type:  Feature Fiction

Length: 85 mins

Genre: Christmas Children's Tale

Director: Slobodan Maksimović

Screenplay: Sasa Erzen

Producers: Senca Studio (Slovenia)

Co-Producers: Wady Films (Luxembourg) / Studio Dim (Croatia) / Objectif (Slovakia)

Support: Creative Europe / Film Fund Luxembourg / Slovenian Film Center / Croatian Audiovisual Fund / Slovakian Audiovisual Fund

Distribution: Wady Media (Benelux)

Cast: TBC

 With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg
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