Wekas Gaba was born in 1980 in Kabul, Afghanistan as a member of the Indian-Afghan community. Five years later he arrived with his family in Germany. After successfully graduating from secondary school in Hamburg, Wekas moved in 1999 to Berlin. That’s where he started to study German literature and film studies.


Thanks to his experience of the world of Marketing, he has attracted clients, who encouraged him to focus on promoting intercultural issues. When he successfully drove the campaign of the award-winning documentary Lost Children in 2006, he decided to express his passion for film for good. 


In 2007, Wekas decided to change his career again and learned the producing side of the business thanks to established producers and directors, such as Oliver Stoltz, Ali Samadi Ahadi, Oliver Schmitz and Karl Baumgartner. Over the past 7 years, Wekas Gaba co-produced at least 2 feature non-fictional and drama films per year as a part of Dreamer Joint Venture (i.e. Life, Above All / Lost Children / The Green Wave / Raising Resistance). In 2015 Wekas co-founded WADY FILMS.