SHARAF | 2022



When Sharaf kills a man in self-defense and is put in jail, he has to face the society he is living in. The lively microcosm of prison mirrors the complex situation of Arab societies.  

Type:  Feature Fiction

Length: 90 mins

Genre: Drama

Director: Samir Nasr

Screenplay: Samir Nasr / Sonallah Ibrahim

Producers: Soilfilms (Germany)

Co-Producers: Wady Films (Luxembourg) / teamWerk. Die Filmproduktion  (Germany) / Les Contes Modernes (France) / Zone Art Film (Tunisia)

Support: ZDF-Arte / Medienboard Berlin / MFG / Fonds Images de la Francophonie

Distribution: Wady Media (Benelux)

Cast: TBC