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My Grandpa is an Alien  | 2019


In a single moment, the entire life of a girl Una is turned upside down; her grandpa is abducted by aliens and her mum collapses and ends up in a hospital. Una, in her basement, discovers that her grandpa is an alien himself whose spaceship hit the planet some time ago, and there's still his pilot, a small grumpy robot.

Una and the robot have less than 24 hours to find and rescue her grandpa. This extraordinary adventure will lead to new friendship, the rational robotic logic will be replaced by emotions and Una's selfless love will save her partly alien family.

Type: Feature Fiction

Genre: Fantasy Science Fiction Family Adventure

Length: 79 minutes

Directors: Dražen Žarković / Marina Andree Škop

Screenplay: Pavlica Bajsić / Branko Ružić

Producers: Studio Dim (Croatia)

Co-Producers: Wady Films (Luxembourg) / Filmbin (Norway) / MasterFilm (Czech Republic) / Artileria (Slovakia) / Senca Studio (Slovenia) / Fabrika (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Support: Film Fund Luxembourg, Creative Europe

Sales: Pink Parrot Media

Dubbed Versions: English / French / German / Luxembourgish / Norwegian / Slovenian / Czech

Cast: Lana Hranjec / Nils Ole Oftebro / Petra Polnišova / Ozren Grabarić / Alex Rakoš / Sven Barac / Tonka Kovačić

 With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg


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