Samir (Karim Kassem) has just won the local DJ Championships in Egypt. He gets the opportunity to fly to Brussels in order to participate at the “Drop Needle” event. But Samir’s flight is redirected to Luxembourg because of a major strike in Belgium. Having never heard of this country before, Samir loses all of his belongings including his papers, music as well as his identity. While he is stuck in this new country, he gets to know many characters that will be part of his journey.


Type: Feature Film

Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Directed by: Adolf El Assal

Produced by: Wady Films, deal productions, Caviar, Film Clinic

Written by: Dennis Foon, Adolf El Assal, Sirvan Marogy

Director of Photography: Nikos Welter

Starring: Karim Kassem, Eric Kabongo, Nilton Martins, Jean-Luc Couchard, Mourade Zeguendi, Stéphane Bissot, Paul Robert, Sarrah Abdelrahman, Mahmoud Elissy, Khaled Mansour, Elisabet Johannesdottir

With the support of Filmfund Luxembourg

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My Grandpa is an Alien


Una is a 9-year-old girl who is nding it hard to make friends. Her only friend is her goofy Grandpa. One evening, Una witnesses Grandpa being abducted by aliens. Trying to solve Grandpa's disappearance, Una discovers a secret basement compartment full of alien objects, but her attention is grabbed by a grumpy little alien robot. This extraordinary find will lead to a new friendship, the rational robotic logic will be replaced by emotions and Una's selfess love will save her partly alien family. 


Type: Feature Film

Genre: Children Fantasy / Adventure

Directed by: Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop

Written by: Irena Krčelić, Branko Ružić, Pavlica Bajsić 

Produced by: Studio Dim (Croatia),  Wady Films (LU), Fabrika (BIH), Master Film (CZ), Senca Studio (SI), Filmbin (NO), Artilera (SK)


With the support of Filmfund Luxembourg & Creative Europe 

I, Chagossian


On March 12, 2018, many Mauritians will look at the four colors of the national flag flying on the masts of Champ-de-Mars of Port-Louis, the capital. Iwino will think about his grandmother Rita. He won’t celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the independence of his country. His tears won’t be tears of joy but rather tears of sadness, thinking about the stories she told him about so many times: the deportation of the Chagossian people. 


Type: Feature Documentary

Directed by: S. Jean-Noël Pierre

Produced by: Corentin Soibinet, Adolf El Assal, Céline Farmachi

Written by: S. Jean-Noël Pierre, Sébastien Bonnetti


In Production