An Egyptian DJ gets the opportunity to travel to Brussels in order to further his music career, but when his bus leaves him behind in Luxembourg, local law enforcement thinks he is there illegally and refuses to let him leave the country.


Type: Feature Film

Directed by: Adolf El Assal

Produced by: Wady Films, deal productions, Caviar

Written by: Dennis Foon, Adolf El Assal, Sirvan Marogy

Director of Photography: Nikos Welter

Starring: Karim Kassem, Eric Kabongo


With the support of Filmfund Luxembourg


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Principal Photography planned for 1st Quarter 2018

My Grandpa is an Alien


Una is a 9-year-old girl who is nding it hard to make friends. Her only friend is her goofy Grandpa. One evening, Una witnesses Grandpa being abducted by aliens. Trying to solve Grandpa's disappearance, Una discovers a secret basement compartment full of alien objects, but her attention is grabbed by a grumpy little alien robot. This extraordinary find will lead to a new friendship, the rational robotic logic will be replaced by emotions and Una's selfess love will save her partly alien family. 


Type: Feature Film

Genre: Children Fantasy / Adventure

Directed by: Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop 

Produced by: Studio Dim (Croatia),  Wady Films (LU), Fabrika (BIH), Master Film (CZ), Senca Studio (SI), Filmbin (NO), Artilera (SK)

Written by: Irena Krčelić, Branko Ružić, Pavlica Bajsić  

With the support of Filmfund Luxembourg & Creative Europe

Principal Photography in September 2017


Chloé l'été


Chloe wants to become an actress. She's beautiful and shy, mysterious and solitary. To make a bit of money, she works at the fun fair during the summer. There she meets Hugo, a funny and sweet boy who becomes her friend. He wants more, she can't decide. A producer calls her back after an audition and wants more from her too. But Chloe isn't who everyone thinks she is... The summer of her 18th birthday is going to reveal what she is made of.  

Type: Short Film

Written & directed by: Catherine Dauphin

Produced by: Adolf El Assal & Wekas Gaba

Director of Photography: Nikos Welter

Principal Photography planned for 3rd Quarter 2017

I, Chagossian


On March 12, 2018, many Mauritians will look at the four colors of the national flag flying on the masts of Champ-de-Mars of Port-Louis, the capital. Iwino will think about his grandmother Rita. He won’t celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the independence of his country. His tears won’t be tears of joy but rather tears of sadness, thinking about the stories she told him about so many times: the deportation of the Chagossian people. 


Type: Feature Documentary

Directed by: S. Jean-Noël Pierre

Produced by: Corentin Soibinet, Adolf El Assal, Céline Farmachi

Written by: S. Jean-Noël Pierre, Sébastien Bonnetti


In Production