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Divizionz | 2008

Divizionz  Trailer
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Type:     Feature Film

Length: 89 mins

Genre: Action, Comedy

Languagues: English

Director:    Donald Mugisha James Tayler

Producer: Bigtime Entertainments & Deddac 

Written by: Eunice Baguma, Donald Mugisha, Kyagulaanyi Ssentamu, James Tayler


Kapo, Bana, Kanyankole and Mulokole are 4 youths that live in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city in the Central Division. They are all aspiring musicians. Through a contact, they have been offered a performance slot at a pub in the city. Kapo quits his job and raises some money to buy a record, on which him and his crew will perform, and bus fare to the city.  However they are ambushed by City Tax Enforcement Officers before they can get to the city. They find themselves with no money and no record. In their quest to make it the city, they experience obstacles that test their friendship and their resolve.


Mark Bugembe, Patrick Katsigire, Catherine Nakyanzi, Bonny Olem, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu




Berlin International Film Festival - 2008

Göteborg International Film Festival - 2009


Berlinale Journal / Berlinale tv


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