Mum and Dad Meet Sam  | 2014

Type:    Feature Film

Length: 1h 35 mins

Genre: Comedy Romance

Languagues: English

Director:    Tony Ukpo


Josiah Abiola is at the peak of his career. The only thing left is to find the perfect girl to settle down with. Samantha Smith is stunning, intelligent and perfect. They meet and fall in love. They might just be perfect for each other. He decides to take her home to meet his family... in Nigeria. What is supposed to be a special occasion turns out to be their worst nightmare. Throw into the mix  a devious ex girlfriend, an over protective, overdramatic mother, and the fact that Sam is... a White ENGLISH Rose and you have a recipe for an explosive and disastrous encounter ripe with awkwardness and hilarity.


Edith NwekentaSegilola OgidanDaniella DownJoseph BenjaminAnthony Ofoegbu