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Eva spends her days with her 19-year-old friend Matilde. They seem to have fun together, but Eva's mood is overshadowed by a feeling of discontent. One morning, Eva goes fishing in the gulf with her cousin Bianca, 21, and catches a fish. Bianca invites Eva to her home, a beautiful villa above Camogli. They explore the villa and its garden, exchange thoughts and moments of silence. There is a secret attraction between them, and they seem to dance around each other. Time gradually loses its meaning, and the villa becomes an island paradise, far removed from the outside world. In the meantime, Matilde is looking for Eva and secretly breaks into the villa. She wants to take Eva with her. But she chooses her own path. The silent drama of emancipation.

Type:  Feature Fiction

Length: 90mins

Genre: Drama

Writer-Director: Adel Oberto & Elmar Imanov

Producer: Germany & Italy

Co-Producers: Wady Films (Luxembourg)


Distribution: TBC

Cast: TBC

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