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Type:  Feature Documentary

Length: 75 mins

Languages: French / English

Subjects: Human Rights / Immigration

Director: S. Jean-Noël Pierre

Screenplay: S. Jean-Noël Pierre / Sébastien Bonetti

Producers: Wady Films (Luxembourg)

Distribution: Wady Media (Benelux)

Sales: One.Two.Three Media

Cast: Olivier Bancoult / Rita Bancoult


This story is the heartbreaking and almost unbelievable story of a government that deceived and evicted its most vulnerable citizens, so that it could "lend" their land to a foreign power in order to establish a strategic military base. It happened during the Cold War, in great secrecy and this same government, and its successors sacrificed their citizens in silence.

This government was the British government, and its citizens: the Chagossians, British citizens of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, and this foreign power, The United States of America. Absolutely Must Go is the story of a 55-year struggle against the British and American governments for recognition, justice and restitution of their homeland, because their #BLACKLIVESMATTERS too ...

 With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg
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