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Thrilled to announce that Kanaval will have its world premiere at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in 8th September 2023 in the Centerpiece Section.

Congratulations to Henri Pardo and to our incredible team! 

Kanaval fera sa première au TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) le 8 September 2023 dans la Section Centerpiece


Félicitations à Henri Pardo, à notre merveilleuse équipe et nos partenaires!


Henri Pardo

WORLD PREMIERE - Toronto International Film Festival 2023

Canada, Luxembourg | 2023 | 112m | French, Creole

Kanaval is the story of one young boy’s journey from a small port town on the coast of Haiti in 1975, during the town’s celebrations of carnival, before a traumatic event forces him and his mother to flee to Quebec

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